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MOLP.com is mobile & web software that tracks the activities of the employees while they are working outside the office. MOLP brings employee collected data and relevant KPI to management in real-time and with daily inflow to do right decisions based on reports.
It saves money, time and speeds up the efficiency of working processes in the company.
MOLP not only tracks parameters like time, location, visits at customers or locations but also offer options to collect other strategical information where companies are losing money or can gain a competitive advantage like competition info, marketing material, info about potential new customers, foto material, etc. MOLP is a base to optimize business processes in the company and to be more efficient and faster with decisions.
MOLP is universal SaaS tool that can be used by FCMG companies, security agencies, cleaning services, etc. and all type of organization where employee do activities on the field and they need to collect info from the market. The business model is subscription per month per user with some setup fee or project based price.
MOLP was developed in partnership with a regional leader of drinks and water products and upgraded in pilot project with security company with 1000+ employees.


Molp fits to businesses

with field personnel and recurring tasks


To control merchandisers, mystery shoppers, forwarders, drivers.


Bars and Restaurants

To control suppliers, mystery shoppers, drivers.



To control maids, service personnel, suppliers, drivers.


Distribution companies

To control trade representatives, merchandisers, suppliers, drivers.


Security companies

To control patrols, facility security staff, service personnel.



Regular updates and focus on permanent improvements

Works offline

Data will automatically upload to the system as soon as employee’s phone appear online

Works even on old versions of Android

Molp app could be installed on any Android ver. 4.3+ devices
Galaxy7 MOLP MAP 1280

 Reduces paperwork

All the essential reports are in the service, stored at cloud server

Easily integrates with your CRM & ERP

We implement Molp fast and consider your existing IT-systems

Consulting and support

Molp team is always online and ready to help you
with all the questions


Implementation takes only 3 days

Intuitive interface. Extensive functionality.
Easy to start.

Molp Helps

To analyze your out of office employees work

To receive reports from your field staff and data from customers

Optimize the cost and time for the out of the office staff audit

Monitor the execution of corporate standards